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Renungan Ramadhan #15 LOVE INTO 10 DIFFERENT LEVELS, Share Via Group WA TerFavorit

A Traditional Arabian Culture
(by Sheikh Hamza Yusuf: an American Moslem Scholar who lives in California)

He discussed a definition of love between creations (us) and The Creator. ❤
According to him, he found out that the Arabs, traditionally, defined 'love' into 🔟 different levels.
If you don't know, the Arab is quite romantic. They have so much words for love, and the way they express their love is so intense. 💖
I found the knowledge of this love is quite interesting and exhilarating.

Here are the 🔟 different level of love according to Arab's tradition

this is the first level of love. Love at first sight. This is when heart becomes connected to the beloved.
this is the state where we started to desire or look for the beloved. That is the desire to see them, more and more (frequently; like going for date frequently and so on)
(translate: water-fall or falling in love)
this is the state where we started to lose control of our identity.
This is the love where there is the desire to be with the beloved all the time (mukhrom bihi). One meeting isn't enough a day. Multiple meeting  with the beloved in a day (breakfast , lunch, dinner & etc with the beloved). There is a comfort to be with the beloved more and more (every time).
The previous level 1⃣ to 4⃣ is more like 'nafs' or lust/desire a person to others .......the next level is no longer a self lust, but it's a more refined love.....

This is one of the purest type of love. It is about loving the beloved unconditionally, regardless how they treat you.  Love with pure intention (when the beauty is there. There is love. and when the beauty isn't there anymore, the love will still be there). This is the love of most husband to their spouse (or vice versa). The love, when a husband (or wife) won't abandon their spouse even when they no longer beautiful (growing old together)
This is the state where the person surrounded or occupied by the beloved
This is the state where the love is becoming so intense and becoming a total constriction (a suffocating love)
This is a high degree of love, a type of servitude goes with it. Essentially this is the state where you'll do anything for the beloved.
this is the kind of love where the love will enslaved you. You are a complete slave of the beloved, follow what the beloved love.
This is the highest form of love; where it has transformed from Alaqa into Ta'abud. It is so immense and intense. Every love articles permeate into their soul. You speak, you think, you do, and everything else for the beloved only. Everything you do, you do it to please the beloved.

The last level of love, Khalil, is the love of between Abraham and The God that he worshiped. It is the love of Jesus teaching. The love of a Christian to Jesus Christ.
It is also the love of Moslem people for all the Prophets (PBUH) and The Most Loving, God.
This is the kind of love that can change you. A love that can transform you into different person. This is the kind of love which should only be expressed between the True Love (Him) and The beloved (us).

So a true love must be so immense. When you love, you WILL struggle.
Because you'll sacrifice for the one you love.  if you don't sacrifice - it's NOT love.
If it's just me, me, me - then it's NOT love!

Real love isn't an imagination. It's MORE than attachment. It's MORE than just desiring the beloved.
It's MORE than just losing your self-control. It's even MORE than the love of a husband to wife when they grow old together.

The very True Love is HIS LOVE to you
It's like the love when the beauty goes, the love is still there.

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